Our Mission

Compassionate Cultivation is dedicated to growing, processing, testing and dispensing the purest, highest-quality CBD medicine to help reduce the suffering of qualifying patients in the Lone Star State.

Our Vision

Together with our patients, their physicians and Texas legislators we will help shape the future of medical cannabis in Texas by delivering on the promise of low-THC cannabis for those who need it most. We will strive to ensure patients can safely access high-quality cannabis oil, while empowering the medical community with vital, research-based information about how this plant-based medicine can help stop the cycle of suffering.

Our Values


We are dedicated to helping Texas patients find relief with cannabis-based medicine.


We are committed to providing patients with reliable, high-quality products at transparent, affordable prices.


We strive to cultivate the highest-quality medical cannabis by implementing rigorous quality control measures and ensuring consistency, purity and freedom from contaminants.


We strive to deliver the purest, cleanest cannabis oils utilizing hydrocarbon-free, non-toxic C02 extraction methods.


We pledge to support patients and families in need, and the physicians recommending cannabis-based medicine.


We seek to represent the integrity of the great state of Texas and exceed all regulatory requirements.

First Texas medical marijuana dispensary

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Our state of the art facility specializes in CBD oil production from “seed to sale.” Learn more about our facility and see photos by clicking below.

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