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Dr. Keough’s CBD Results

The positive impact of CBD on certain conditions such as epilepsy are well documented. Based on our own results we’re seeing a wide range of impacts. Here are empirical results from Dr. Karen Keough, as of 1/22/2019*. These are based on 113 patients between 2 and 10 month treatment periods.

Other Reported Benefits

  • Increased alertness
  • Increased speech
  • Developmental gains
  • Less rescue medication
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Decreased behavior issues
  • Marked improvements in cognition
  • Increased appetite
  • Happier demeanor
  • Calming effect
  • Decrease in GI issues

Very Low Side Effects Reported

  • Somnolence
  • Sleepiness
  • Diarrhea
  • GI upset

Dr. Karen Keough, M.D. is a Board Certified Child Neurologist and Epileptologist with fellowship training in Neurophysiology, who specializes in treating intractable epilepsy at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin. Keough is also the Chief Medical Officer for Compassionate Cultivation.

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