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Prescriber’s Guide to Adding Patient Treatment Plans

Reminder: Before you get started creating a treatment plan, you must first register with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. (Instructions can be found on this page.)

Step 1: Other prep needed in advance of making your treatment plan:

1A: Make sure your patient is a permanent resident of Texas.

1B: Gather the last five digits of your patient’s social security number, as well as the last four of the patient’s legal guardian if necessary.

Step 2: Your treatment plan must include: the patient’s name and date of birth; their prescribed dosage; the means of administration ordered; the total amount of low-THC cannabis required to fill the patient’s prescription; and how you will monitor patient’s symptoms, tolerance and reactions.

Step 3: Acquire a secondary approval by a fellow CURT-registered physician, and note the physician’s CURT username; he or she is not required to have contact with the patient.

3A: It should be noted that a patient can see a CURT-registered physician solely for the purpose of receiving a CBD oil prescription, while retaining their existing relationship with their primary physician/neurologist.

Step 4: To fill the prescription, patient (or guardian) will contact the licensed dispensing organization by phone to confirm the order details and set up a time for pickup at the dispensary or schedule a delivery.

Prescribers and patients can reach Compassionate Cultivation at:
512-467-4118. For general info, call 512-614-0343

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